Testimonials and Reviews

Marta forties glam2Marta Burton demonstrates her incredible ability to mesmerize audiences with the pure beauty of her voice and person. The moment she walks on stage and begins to sing, a hush falls over the listeners, as if none within the sound of her voice even dares to breathe. Not until the last note fades do those listeners realize that they have been spellbound, transported into another world from which they are reluctant to return. Burton’s singing ranges from deep and sweetly mournful to the light and playful to the richly powerful. This woman can sing anything and make you think each genre must be her special forte. Well, whatever she is singing at the moment is her special forte. By some kind of inner magic, she reaches to the very souls of her listeners.

Marilyn Arnold, Novelist (Marta Burton in Concert)

“Ms. Burton’s emotions are projected with depth, honesty and absolute credibility. She instantly warms the audience with a velvet voice that turns melodies into moments of sheer pleasure…Ms. Burton’s rendering is so carefully etched that you find new meaning in her portrayal.”

 ~ Media Review (The King and I)

“Burton is marvelous in her delivery…a tour de force…”

 ~ Delaware County Daily Times (The King and I)

“Burton is radiant…her theatrical voice is a fine compliment to the familiar songs…superb!”

 ~ The Daily Item (The King and I)

“Marta Burton was wonderful and her gorgeous a cappella rendition of ‘She Moved through the Fair’ was one of the concert’s highlights.”

 ~ The Buffalo News

“She stands out as a uniquely versatile performer, dares to explore diverse repertoire and succeeds magnificently. Through fresh vision and enticing presentation Marta reaches to the core of human experience and opens for listeners a window into themselves. Marta’s delightful demeanor and creative interaction make her an invaluable asset to any project. You can count on her to bring you an experience that you won’t soon forget.”

~ Dr. David Harris, Conductor
Composer and Artistic Director of Jubilate!

This is as good as it gets! Indeed, it was a stunning performance of the highest quality. Marta Burton has a special way of relating to audiences, through her vibrant personality as well as her trained pure voice. She makes her listeners part of her music in a way that is rare for a celebrated performer with her exceptional gifts. Her rendering of Scottish folk songs in perfect brogue was simply delightful.

The Spectrum (A Celtic Faire)

“Marta Burton’s performance at Southern Utah University was breathtaking! She had the audience captivated with her magical voice and thoroughly engaged with her deft stage presence. She wasn’t even done performing and I had decided we will definitely have her back!”

 ~ Jeb Branin, Southern Utah University
(Concert/Lecture on African American spirituals
with Dr. Arthur Jones of The Spirituals Project)

“Burton is not only a fine musician with a beautiful voice, she radiates!”

 ~ David Leighton, Conductor
Woodstock Philharmonic, NY

“I have had the pleasure and honor of working with Marta Burton when she produced our first annual Winter Solstice Concert last December. I highly recommend her to you. Marta is a consummate performer but is also skilled at envisioning multicultural and interfaith events where music and other art forms help people to experience our shared humanity. She brings together a diverse group of artists and performers from her extensive network, works with the event organizers to help meet their goals and then incorporates her unique touch to produce a truly magical event. Throughout the process she is a joy to work with. She is kind, thoughtful, creative, reliable and confident. Whether you are planning a small intimate event or a large conference or celebration I know you will be pleased to work with Marta. Her work is done with love and care, with amazing results.”

 ~ Linda Campbell, President
Bread for the Journey, Denver CO

“Marta Burton’s voice is an angelic breath of fresh air. Her professionalism and creativity are of the highest caliber. I’m always amazed with her extraordinary songs, either of her own composition or adaptations of well-known favorites. Her performances are not just great singing, but experiences to delight in.”

~ Charles F. Lang, Music Coordinator
High Country Unity Church, Denver CO

Marta Burton brings a rich presence to our weekly service at St. John’s Cathedral. Her voice is both powerful and sensitive calling forth a dynamic experience for those who listen. She is creative and insightful regarding the staging of performances, bringing just the right combination of diverse talent into her performances. She is easy to work with; thoughtful, professional, light-hearted and passionate. I would highly recommend collaborating with her on any musical, theatrical and or dance performance.

C. Kate Eaton, Musical Director
Cathedral of St. John in the Wilderness, Denver CO