Breaking the Chains of Modern Day Slavery

Ripped from the pages of history, Unbounded: Breaking the Chains of Modern Day Slavery tells the harrowing story of slavery while inspiring hope for the future. Written by Marta Burton with Sheldon Sands, Unbounded is a multicultural, multimedia performance that weaves together Jewish and African American songs and narratives of slavery, struggle and freedom. An evocative narrative brings to light the realities of modern day slavery and is a powerful call for freedom and action.

Slavery did not end with the 13th Amendment and oppression did not end with the Civil Rights Act. The shocking truth is that slavery is still alive in the modern world – including the United States. Today, it’s usually known as “human trafficking.”

To call attention to the heartbreak and horror of this global problem, Marta Burton and Sheldon Sands created Unbounded: Breaking the Chains of Modern Slavery, a remarkable multicultural, multimedia experience that draws on historical events to place slavery and oppression in a modern context.

A powerful performance that has received glowing reviews across Colorado and beyond, Unbounded is both a beautifully presented work of art and a moving tribute to those who have been fighting for justice through the centuries. Writer and producer Burton skillfully weaves music and songs, historical narratives, and potent illustrations to connect the African American and Jewish experiences with the problem of modern slavery.

Unbounded is presented by Southern Journey and the Boulder Klezmer Consort. It is especially relevant for middle schools, high schools, and universities, where it can be combined with classes exploring history and culture. It is also popular in synagogues, churches, and community gathering places where it can inspire awareness and stimulate action to end modern slavery in all of its insidious forms.

For more information about bringing Unbounded to your
school or organization, please contact Marta Burton.