Southern Journey

Tribute to Alan Lomax

Southern Journey: Tribute to Alan Lomax is a two-hour staged performance bringing to life the Lomax archives through story and song. Audiences experience what Lomax described as the “deep river of song that runs through the lives of all Americans,” as a cast of ten diverse musicians and singers revive the spirit of his collection with compelling authenticity.

The exuberant performance of songs from Lomax’s collection are contextualized through the use of narrative that includes Lomax’s own eloquent descriptions of the songs and people whom he recorded singing them. Audiences experience slave songs, spirituals, old time fiddle and banjo tunes, field hollers and blues from the prison farm, folk songs that made their way from the British Isles to America, hymns and gospel.

Southern Journey captures a uniquely American experience as the musicians and singers gather together on the porch. Work-calloused hands take up guitar and bass, banjo and fiddle, shake off the dust of the day’s labor and fill the night air with song.

The Southern Journey project has been supported by the Lomax Family and the Association for Cultural Equity (ACE Letter of Support). They applaud Marta for her research, writing and presentation of the work of Alan Lomax – calling the concert an “enlightening and entertaining performance and humanities program which brings to life the music, story and people of the American South.”

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Tribute to Alan Lomax

What Audiences Are Saying:

“Absolutely beautiful! It is a must see!”
~ Aimee Gottino

The show is so rewarding, warm and musical!”
~ Jennie Bowen

“I loved the history and culture expressed in beautiful harmonies and spirited fun, educational and great for the whole family!”
~ Lorraine Fairmont

“Soul-wrenching, joyous, fantastic!”
~Sarah Triffleman

“I experienced an openness to very profound music performed by very talented musicians.”
~ Loren Donaldson

“It was so moving and connected me with my own heritage. The music and singing carry so much soul and an important part of oral history.”
~ Dharjey Snow

“I loved the music – the variety of talents. It was uplifting, spiritual, moving and fun. The theme and focus on Lomax made it unique.”
~ Barb Donaldson

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“I loved it! It was like watching America growing up. The information offered to enhance the experience of the songs did not overwhelm the music. Bravo!”
~ Susan Coneys

“I felt really connected to the people who wrote the songs. This was very powerful and meaningful The group really plays with the songs. They make the stories come to life!”
~ Audience Member

“This was really wonderful – great to have such a large group of musicians on stage presenting this heartfelt and soulful music in such an intimate and warm setting. The intention to share and honor the background and cultural origins of the songs was beyond the usual entertainment.”
~ Carah Wertheimer

“Terrific soloists and ensemble! I loved the selection of tunes – a balance of joy, sorrow, pain and beauty. It is a particularly timely experience of authentic American folk music reflecting, speaking, singing, lamenting…the music speaks for us in these times, a reminder of those who got through it before and a salve for our own struggles. Thank you!”
~ Susan Berman