Dark Duet

Phantom of the Opera

Dark Duet: Phantom of the Opera

Nick Rossi and Marta Burton retell the famous legend of The Phantom of the Opera in a one hour performance. As seen through the eyes of Christine Daae, the astonishing young soprano, Dark Duet is inspired by the original novel with music from the beloved Broadway show.

What is it about the Phantom of the Opera story that continues to intrigue us? As I thought about the musical I knew so well and re-read the original novel, I began to see layers upon layer of myth and story. Myth reaches beyond time and place, speaks to our human condition, and can be a vehicle for human knowledge. The mythic aspect of this story goes back to the Greeks – to Persephone, kidnapped by Hades and brought into the Underworld to become his bride. At the center of Gaston Lereux’s original novel Phantom of the Opera is Gounod’s famous opera Faust, based on Goethe’s great poetic work. In it, the aging philosopher Faust sells his soul to the devil to win the love of the beautiful Marguerite. In the Phantom story, Christine makes her debut playing the part of Marguerite. The story within the story is an ancient – one of deception, seduction, abduction, surrender and transformation. ~ Marta

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