Artist Statement

Music has always inspired my curiosity about history, humanity and the world in which I live. I spent the first half of my career performing in musical theatre, working as a soloist with orchestras, and performing as an actor.

Since moving from New York to Denver, I have been researching, writing, producing and performing in concerts that weave narrative, multimedia and literature with music. I’ve had the enormous pleasure of collaborating with composers and performers, as well as arts, education, and humanitarian organizations to develop, stage and perform new works.

From Swallow Hill to the Ellie Caulkins Opera House, from libraries to community centers, cathedrals to senior residences and memory care facilities, I take great pleasure in creating unique performances that entertain and enlighten.

I celebrate the music that’s always been close to home for me: American Roots, Celtic, show-tunes and the beloved music of the Greatest Generation. I love to craft performances for seniors that speak deeply to their past and make the present moment a joy as well.

I am inspired by Facing History and Ourselves, the international educational organization whose mission is to engage people of diverse backgrounds in an examination of racism and prejudice in order to promote the development of a more humane and informed citizenry. I dedicate much of my energy to researching, writing and producing concerts that travel from concert hall to the classroom. Using music as a catalyst, I bring historical, musical, social and cultural elements together with the unabashed goal of raising awareness, inspiring critical thinking and thoughtful choice-making. I am particularly interested in looking at issues of race, slavery, poverty, and the denial of culture that leads to genocide.

~ Marta Burton